Power is the key to everything here. Without it, we couldn’t do what we do. We use as much electricity as the whole of Southampton.

An Electrical Apprentice will develop skills that range from working with low voltage alarm systems right up to 11,000 volt motors. You’ll gain knowledge of how electricity is produced and distributed to our substations. You will understand how the equipment inside these substations work as well as the electrical equipment on our running units. Not only will you gain technical and practical skills you will also learn the theory side to our work. All in all, you’ll gain fundamental skills for life in an area that’s fundamental to our business.


At ExxonMobil Fawley we use the latest, automated instruments and control systems to keep the process under control. This could be; the right temperature, the correct pressure or optimum flow rate. As an Instrument/Analyser apprentice you will be learning how these complex pieces of equipment work, and how to maintain them to keep them accurate and reliable and achieve continuous operation. The skills you will gain as an Instrument/Analyser apprentice while at Fawley are transferrable across an ever expanding industry.

As part of the Analyser team you will make up a vital part of the maintenance team that are responsible for the quality control of not just the final product that is shipped all over the world but also the environmental regulations that allow the refinery to keep running. Our Analysers are responsible for quality analysis of the major component that goes into every car tyre, as well as approximately 15% of the Petrol used in the UK. The analysers measure a range from the Oxygen content in our furnaces to the amount of octane blended into the petrol you use to fill up your car. As part of the Instrument/Analyser apprenticeship you will learn how these critical pieces of equipment work and how to maintain them!