Quality is at the heart of all the products we make at Fawley. From petrol and diesel to specialist chemicals and pharmaceutical rubber, we need to make sure that our customers get the quality products that they expect.

As an Analyser/Lab apprentice you will learn how we achieve high levels of product quality by using analytical equipment, both out on our refining and chemical plants and in our two on-site laboratories.

As well as measuring the quality of the products we make, this equipment is responsible for ensuring the safe and sustainable operation of our site, whether that be sustaining the right oxygen content in our furnaces or ensuring we comply with important environmental regulations that allow us to keep running.

Throughout the apprenticeship you will learn how to maintain a wide range of analytical equipment. As part of the team you will learn how this equipment and all associated systems work; getting hands-on with all aspects of maintenance covering routine testing, preventative maintenance (including interpreting data) and repairing these complex pieces of equipment when we need them most.

The skills you will gain as an Analyser/Lab apprentice at Fawley are transferrable to multiple industries, both in a site-based role or a laboratory environment.