Power is the key to everything here. Without it, we couldn’t do what we do. And as we use as much electricity as the whole of Southampton, we have our own power plant.

An Electrical Apprentice will develop skills that range from working with low voltage alarm systems right up to 11,000 volt motors. You’ll gain knowledge of substations, plant areas, switchgears and all the ins and outs of alarm and lighting circuits. All in all, you’ll gain fundamental skills for life in an area that’s fundamental to our business.

A great safety record is no accident. At Fawley, we use the latest, automated instruments to keep the oil at the right temperature, the optimum pressure and the correct flow. They are masterpieces of engineering and the technology behind them is always moving forward, which means everything keeps getting safer and safer.

As an Instrument Apprentice, you’ll look after these highly complex pieces of kit. It won’t be easy. Every day there’ll be new problems to solve, and you’ll need to grab every opportunity you can to learn what’s what. But the payback will be worth it because you’ll be left with skills that will open the doors to any large-scale production facility, anywhere in the world.